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Automotive Spark Plug Electrode Alloy Materials

  • Materials: Inconel 600, Nichrome(NC3020), Nickel-chromium-manganese-silicon(NCr5-3-1.8)
  • Size: Coil wires, Spool wires, flat wires
  • Performance: high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance.
  • Description:The spark plug electrode is an important part of the automobile engine. This series of alloys is the best material for the center electrode and the side electrode of the spark plug.
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The Spark Plug Electrode Alloy Materials
        The spark plug electrode is an important part of the automobile engine. As the engine power of the modern automobile increases, the temperature inside the combustion chamber also tends to increase. Along with the application of the high-energy ignition coil, the ignition engine's technical requirements for the spark plug are also increasingly demanding. The materials should  be resistant to high temperature and high temperature gas corrosion and point spark erosion, and have good thermal conductivity, appropriate strength and hardness, easy processing and molding. Our company's products are excellent materials making the center electrode and measuring electrode of spark plugs.This series of products has good high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, physical and mechanical properties and processing performance. The products are mainly used for the manufacture of spark plugs for modern automobiles, industrial combustion equipment and household gas appliances.

Classification Product Name Number
Alloy wire for center electrode Nickel-chromium-manganese-silicon alloy wire NCr5-3-1.8
Nichrome wire NC3020
Inconel wire Inconel600
Copper alloy wire for center electrode Ni-Mn-Si-Cr alloy wire NMn2-1.8-1.8
Copper composite electrode NCr2-1-0.5
Inconel wire Inconel600
Nickel yttrium alloy wire NY

Alloy flat wire for side electrode
Nickel manganese silicon alloy wire NMn4-1
Nickel alloy wire NCr2Mn2Si
Inconel wire Inconel600
Nickel yttrium alloy wire NY
According to customer’s requirement.

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