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Temperature Measurement Material

  • Materials:Nichrome,Nickel-silicon alloy,Copper-nickel alloy,Nickel chrome silicon alloy,Nickel-silicon-magnesium alloy
  • Size: Coil wires, Spool wires
  • Applications:Used in the manufacture of various types of thermocouples, thermocouples, compensation wires, etc.
  • Description:This series of products has good thermoelectric stability and reproducibility.
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Temperature Measurement Material Products
      Thermocouples are widely used temperature measuring devices in the industry. They are produced by pairing two kinds of thermoelectric materials with excellent thermoelectric properties. One is a positive electrode material, and the other is a negative electrode. One end is welded together as a hot end and the other end (cold end) is connected to a measuring instrument. Both of these hot electrode materials have a large electromotive force due to the difference in temperature at both ends, which is called a thermoelectric potential. Our products have good thermoelectric stability and reproducibility, wide temperature range, high precision, strong anti-oxidation performance, easy use and long life. For the manufacture of various types of thermocouples, thermocouple materials, compensation wire and so on.

Thermocouple index number Product Name Classification  
K Nichrome wire NiCr10 Positive electrode KP
Nickel-silicon alloy wire NiSi3 Negative electrode KN
E Nichrome wire NiCr10 Positive electrode EP
Copper-nickel alloy wire CuNi45 Negative electrode EN
J Iron wire Iron Positive electrode JP
Copper-nickel alloy wire CuNi45 Negative electrode JN
T Copper wire Copper Positive electrode TP
Copper-nickel wire CuNi45 Negative electrode TN
N Nickel chrome silicon alloy wire NiCr14Si Positive electrode NP
Nickel-silicon-magnesium alloy wire NiSi4Mg Negative electrode NN
According to customer’s request for supply.

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