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  • Nickel&nickel alloy welding wires and nickel electrodes
  • AWS A5.14:ERNi-1,ERNiCu-7,ERNiCr-3,ERNiFeCr-1,ERNiCrMo-3 AWS A5.15:ERNi-Cl,AWS A5.7:ERCuNi
  • Applications:Machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, power plants and scientific research.
  • Description:Our company specializes in the production of nickel-based alloy special welding electrodes and welding wires. Including pure nickel, nickel-copper alloy, copper-nickel alloy, nickel-iron alloy, nickel-chromium alloy, nickel-titanium alloy, nickel-chromium-iron alloy, nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy.
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Nickel And Nickel Alloy Welding Wires
Classification Type Chemical composition code AWS A5.14 GB/T 15620
Nickel series SNi2061 NiTi3 ERNi-1 ERNi-1
Nickel-copper based alloy SNi4060 NiCu30Mn3Ti ERNiCu-7 ERNiCu-7
SNi4061 NiCu30Mn3Nb    
SNi5504 NiCu25Al3Ti ERNiCu-8  
Nichrome based alloy SNi6072 NiCr44Ti ERNiCr-4  
SNi6076 NiCr20 ERNiCr-6  
SNi6082 NiCr20Mn3Nb ERNiCr-3 ERNiCr-3
based alloy
SNi6052 NiCr30Fe9 ERNiCrFe-7  
SNi6062 NiCr15Fe8Nb ERNiCrFe-5 ERNiCrFe-5
SNi7718 NiFe19Cr19Nb5Mo3 ERNiFeCr-2 ERNiFeCr-2
SNi8025 NiFe30Cr29Mo    
SNi8065 NiFe30Cr21Mo3 ERNiFeCr-1 ERNiFeCr-1
Nickel chrome molybdenum based alloy SNi6276 NiCr15Mo16Fe6W4 ERNiCrMo-4 ERNiCrMo-4
SNi6625 NiCr22Mo9Nb ERNiCrMo-3 ERNiCrMo-3
Classification Welding type Chemical Composition code AWS A5.15 GB/T 10044
Pure nickel cast iron series HN6 Ni99 ERNi-Cl ERZNi
Nickel cast iron series HNFe55 Ni55    
Classification Welding type Chemical Compositon code  AWS A5.7 GB/T 9460
Copper-nickel white brass series SCu7158/B30 CuNi30Mn1FeTi ERCuNi HSCuNi
SCu7061/B10 CuNi10    
Others:ERNiCrFe-3ER25-35NbH00Ni80Cr20NiCr80/20NiCrMnCrZrCu,etc.According to customer’s requirements.

Welding Electrodes For Nickel And Nickel Alloy
Resistance to red heat from the tail of the electrode
The outstanding features of the company's products ENiCrFe-1, ENiCrFe-3 series nickel alloy electrodes: breaking the nickel alloy electrode can not use in the area of high current welding, such as ENiCrFe-3, Φ4.0 electrode with a large current when using 170A welding, The electrode does not have a red tail, the entire electrode can be used normally with good anti-red tail performance, overcomes the poor thermal conductivity of the nickel alloy electrode, the length of the electrode used is about 1/3, the redness of the electrode coating, and the weld protection  is lost.It also overcomes the formation of a large splash, poor weld formation and defects that cannot be continued. Thereby our welding electrode improve the efficiency of use. Our company’s nickel alloy electrodes have good welding process properties such as good weld formation, small spatter, and easy slag removal.

Classification Electrode type AWS A5.11 GB/T 13814
Nickel series ENi2061 ENi-1 ENi-1
based alloy
ENi6062 ENiCrFe-1 ENiCrFe-1
ENi6133 ENiCrFe-2 ENiCrFe-2
ENi6182 ENiCrFe-3 ENiCrFe-3
ENi6093 ENiCrFe-4 ENiCrFe-4
Nickel chrome molybdenum based alloy ENi6625 ENiCrMo-3 ENiCrMo-3
Classification Electrode type AWS A5.15 GB/T 10044
Pure nickel cast iron series Z308 ENi-Cl EZNi-1
Nickel iron cast iron series Z408 ENiFe-Cl EZNiFe-1
Classification Electrode type AWS A5.6 GB/T 3670
Copper-nickel series ECuNi-B ECuNi ECuNi-B
According to customer’s requirement.


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