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Yunwan Technology brings latest 3D printing technology

Chongqing Yunwan Technology Co recently settled in Jintai Intelligent Industrial Park of Liangjiang New Area, introducing the latest 3D printing technologies and materials to China's manufacturers, local media reported on Feb 4.

Company founder Zhang Zhong said, "Currently 3D printing technology is quite mature, yet it still has problems including high cost and slow speed."

"Yunwan Technology has established an R&D center in Boston of the United States, hiring 3D printing technology experts from MIT and cooperating with American innovative companies to introduce the latest technologies and materials to China and bring the best 3D printing products," Zhang added.

So far, Yunwan Technology can print multiple engineering materials including standard engineering polymers such as ABS, ASA, PETG, PLA, PC, PC-ABS and nylon, and high-performance polymers like PEI, PPSU, PPS and PEEK. It is able to customize composite high-performance polymers for its clients.

Yunwan Technology will also introduce metal injection moulding (mim) powder. The cost of products printed by mim powder is about one-fifteenth of that of metal 3D printing, which will be hugely cost-saving.

"We provide new options for traditional manufacturing industries and our products can rival aluminum alloy in strength but are lighter than aluminum alloy," said Zhang Zhong.

The company's products have been used widely in various industries including aerospace, architecture, automobiles, and healthcare.

Yunwan Technology has launched a cloud platform of 3D printing and intelligent manufacturing which offers customized service to individual clients. Users only need to upload documents from their smart devices and choose printing materials online. They can keep track of the printing process in real time.

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